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Where you find beauty in everything

Warilda Spa by Denise Pinot is truly an oasis of calm in the greater Otway Region. Its not only offering a selection of professional, and unique treatments. Warilda Spa was also formed from the idea that people could also come and stay over night in the old guest cottage, to enjoy several treatments and bathing rituals on each day of their stay.  Denise Pinot is a former VIP Massage Therapist from Berlin. She started her carrer in 2008.

Her expertise, personality and secrecy are very well known overseas. She has treated politicians, sportsman and several stars from the Music and Film Industry. from Germany to Hollywood. Her understanding of service and care is out of the ordinary. She opened her first Spa in Berlin in 2014 after she designed her own custom made concept. She picked up her eye for design in all the luxury homes and hotels she was working in.

After she came to Australia, she started studying and graduated as an Interior Designer.

Warilda Spa is a nurturing, warm, and inviting space with features of the older days. The combination of a calming and surprising design and individual treatments, transforming this place into a unique private spot to be. 

The approach was to combine a design expertise with an authentic, , luxury spa- experience to make the largest mental health benefit impact possible.

Where once was an old chicken pan, there is now a little, unique, secret place to hide away to

nurture your body and soothe your mind with any of the special treatments.

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